Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling


The bathroom is not only the most important room in your home but also the most used! Typically it is the first room you enter upon waking and the last room you exit before crawling into bed. As with other remodeling decisions, homeowners with outdated bathrooms should seriously consider updating them for both their own enjoyment and to increase the value of their home. On average, you can expect approximately an 80% return on your investment to remodel a bathroom.

Putting the neon green tiles and peach toilet aside, keep in mind the most important reason to renovate your bathroom is if the structural integrity of your home is being affected or damaged by excessive water, mold or moisture. If you have a leak or a “smelly” bathroom, the long term loss or depletion in the value of your home could be serious.

Bathrooms can be reconfigured, including moving and updating plumbing and electricity, for better functionality, lighting options, and durability. They can also be enlarged and made more efficient, comfortable, and stylish. A TNT Construction Company will assist you in any level of bathroom remodeling from a luxurious spa retreat to a functional half-bath for common use. We take into consideration floor plans, style, humidity control, and any structural issues. Our expert team will work with you on your needs, budget, and timeline. Please contact us today to answer all your bathroom remodeling questions: 508-326-6336.


If you want to increase your quality of life and the value of your home then the easiest way to do this is to have a kitchen remodel. Since the beginning of humankind, the process of preparing, storing and eating food has been the basis for living and gathering together. Remember watching or helping your grandmother cook dinner or bake a dessert you would soon eat right there in her kitchen? I can just smell the roast beef and peach pie! When you think about it logically, the kitchen is the hub of the home. It is the place that people socialize during parties, prepare food, and enjoy a delicious meal while spending time talking about their day.

As the focal point of your home, revamping your kitchen is important to increasing its functionality, quality, and storage availability. A TNT Construction Company is in the forefront of modern solutions for any kitchen needs. Today, islands, farmhouse sinks, and stainless steel appliances are common additions, while custom cabinets and countertops are key components of any inspirational dream kitchen. We will help you with your layout, countertop choices, cabinet and storage components as well as sink, faucet and equipment needs. For an efficient space, we will help you decide where to place your stove, refrigerator, island, and cabinets to ensure plenty of space to cook, eat and entertain.

Our goal is to make your home’s kitchen a true center for gathering, sharing and enjoying life with your family and friends. Your input and ideas are important to us, and we listen carefully to make sure we create a kitchen design you will be proud of and enjoy for many years to come.



ATNT Construction provides Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling in towns such as Taunton, Raynham, Norton, Mansfield, Rehoboth, Swansea, Middleboro, Lakeville and Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

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